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Mecca Massage Therapy Clinic

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January 18 - February 22 - March 22 - April 19 - May 24


Direct Billing: Yes! for most insurance companies...when in doubt pop us an email.

**Mackenzie Harty, R.M.T. sends the receipt information to your insurance company to have reimbursement sent to you within a few days, but takes payment from you at the time of treatment. All remaining therapists direct bill. 

Cancellations: Things happens...consequences are a case by case basis :) Please, give us as much time as you can so we can fill your spot...this is our income of course. We will charge in cases of failure to show to your scheduled appointment time as we reserve that time for you.

Review the confirmation and reminder email: We may have had to move your appointment time ahead or back by 30 minutes. Please confirm when you receive your emails.

If you have any questions about how to use this scheduler please call us at (306)591-7105 or email us at

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