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Important FYI

 *FRACTURE INJURY* (Temporarily Closed)

June 27/2022. Temporarily closed. I apologize for cancelling more summer appointments. Although much improved, this fracture/injury has not healed as quickly as wished! (Spinal fracture recovery averages 4-6 months with time and rest.) The appointment book is currently temporarily off line, but please check back to this page for regular updates. I hope to open regular Prebooking and Online booking for September appointments in August, depending on progress. If able, I will open a few spots towards the end of August.

Happy Summer holidays!

Thank you for your patience and caring messages! I look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible! In the meantime…

✅ Why not try a student massage at Vicars School of Massage Therapy? 
✅ Vicars School of Massage Click Here for easy online booking at Vicars Student Clinics, days, evenings, weekends available. Edmonton South Side. 

PLEASE NOTE: Just a reminder that the SMS APPOINTMENT BOOK TEXT MESSAGE is sent from a computer program (online appointment book) and does NOT come from my cellphone. I do NOT receive a message if you “Reply” to that text.

PRODUCTS: If you need skincare products, please message me as I can arrange to leave your order with Gail at Classic Trophy for pickup Monday to Thursday before 5:00 pm.

BUILDING SAFETY:  ENTRY DOOR WILL BE LOCKED DAILY AT 5:00 PM.  If your appointment is after 5 pm I will meet you there to let you in.

CONTINUING EDUCATION:  September 23-26th CLOSED for Continuing Education to bring new skills to my treatments! 


Limited availability to accept NEW clients at this time. 

FALL BOOKING  My online book, hopefully end of August for September.

FALL 2022 - New Clinic Hours