Hands On Health Care-Massage Therapy & Craniosacral Therapy

Martez Schembri-Diskey, RMT, CST-D, CSFC

Martez has been in practice for over 30 years using an integrative, holistic approach to treating the body, mind and spirit through Integrative Craniosacral Therapy. She learned first-hand the importance of an integrative approach to treatment, that renews the mind, relaxes the body and restores the spirit.  Bringing us to optimal regulation of our nervous system, which was essential for her own Post-Traumatic healing journey.

She is also an Educator and Author of the book "From Stress To Bliss, Journey From Post-Traumatic Stress to Post-Traumatic Growth.                      Martez facilitates in-person and online courses, agency and corporate trainings on "Stress, Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Self-Care, an Integrative approach for Helping Professionals"; Heal The Healers -Workshops and Retreats, and Good Vibes -Shake off Stress Naturally with TRE- which stands for Tension, Trauma releasing Exercises.

Martez passion is to inspire and educate on Nervous System Health, Regulation with Somatic Self-Care and Integrative Craniosacral Therapy.

The Somatic process is a slow and gentle process that engages the various systems of the body. Using non-invasive myofascial release techniques of long duration contact release and energetic techniques, instead of force to calm and disengage the autonomic nervous system's fight and flight reactions to re-calibrate and regulate the nervous system and engaging the body's innate healing ability. This approach allows for deeper work to be done easily, while minimizing the body's pain/stress reactions. Clients leave feeling with a renewed mind, relaxed body and restored spirit.

Martez's life work and passion is to educate, empower and inspire healing on all levels.