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Respecting each other's time… 

LATE NOTICE CANCELLATIONS and NO SHOWS may be subject to a missed appointment fee. 
Please contact me as soon as possible if you need to cancel or are not feeling well. 
You may “reply” with your message to your appointment E-MAIL messages via  Alternatively, call or text my cell at 780-970-3475.
The auto-text messages from the appointment book are sent from an un-monitored message service, please do not reply to those texts.

An automated e-mail notification that confirms you cancelled will be sent from the online appointment book when your appointment is deleted. If you do not receive this notification, please follow up by replying to your appointment reminder or confirmation email with your message.

Automated "appointment reminders"  are sent early in the morning of the day before your appointment (+24 hours notice). If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact me immediately. If you need clarification about anything relating to your appointment, or do not receive your reminder, please contact me.

Note: I do recognize that occasionally emergency circumstances or sudden illness may arise and will consider individual options as required.  Thank you!