BodyCraft Therapeutics

Services & Fees

Massage Therapy, Structural Integrative Therapy & Rejuvenation SkinCare


Structural Integrative Therapy, Massage Therapy & Complimentary Modalities:

(Session may include any of the bodywork modalities as needed for a therapeutic treatment and may also include the use of advanced therapeutic techniques such as Structural Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral, IASTM  and Cupping at no extra charge).

Structural Therapy, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Relaxation Massage or CranioSacral/Visceral Therapy

30 min $65/  45 min $85/  60 min $99/  75 min $125/  90 min $149

Rejuvenating Peels: (Requires a 30 min opening)  Facial Treatments are currently NOT AVAILABLE due to public restrictions.

There are some flexible Facial Treatment appointments each week that may not show online.  Please call, text or message me for availability.  If you are booked for a massage an add on peel can usually be included. Please request prior to appointment.

Peels exfoliate, stimulate new collagen and elastin, reduce sun damage and treat acne with natural acids that are derived from fruit, milk and plants.  Reveal your natural smooth, fresh skin!  I offer several popular peels formulated for mild to moderate post treatment redness and visible “peeling”.  Allow 30 minutes. ($50 plus gst). 


**(Fees subject to change, Massage & Structural Integrative Therapy Fees based on 60 min @ 1.6/min, no tip prompt on Point of Sale terminal,  payment accepted by Visa, MC, Debit, Cash or E-transfer, GST extra)