BodyCraft Therapeutics

Targeting Local Inflammation & Restriction Quickly & Efficiently

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

      Massage aids are an intuitive extension of the human hand, recognized by all cultures over a range of historic periods.  There are a variety of instruments available as manual therapy aids.  Indications for use are based on the Cyriax rationale of micro-trauma and tissue remodeling.

In clinical practice a manual therapist uses multiple hands on techniques.  IASTM can improve the delivery of manual therapy in these simple ways:

  • Tools offer unique access to anatomy.  The tool chosen, whether hand, elbow, thumb, knuckle, forearm, wood or stainless steel customizes contact and accuracy, and allows deeper more focused therapy.  Stainless steel quickly scans and accurately identifies restrictions for the therapist.
  • The IASTM tool efficiently releases and mobilizes specific soft tissue adhesions and restrictions, allowing the therapist to offer detailed focused therapy and massage within a short treatment session. 
  • IASTM is particularly effective for conditions such as:  tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, IT Band Syndromes, tennis and golfer's elbow and rotator cuff issues. 
  • A 30 min massage treatment with IASTM to a target area is a quick, cost effective and efficient therapy to dramatically decrease inflammation and pain. Ideal as a maintenance or "quick help" between your regularly scheduled sessions.

IASTM efficiently mobilizes soft tissue restrictions and provides immediate improved range of motion and decrease in pain.  There are various well known brand names of instruments and treatment protocols; in our clinic we use MYO-BAR.

Please Note:  IASTM may leave transient petechiae (redness, bruise type marks) on the skin which may last a few minutes to few hours.