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BodyCraft Therapeutics

Advanced Manual Therapy for Postural Dysfunction & Chronic Pain.

Appointment Book

Welcome to my online appointment book


 A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020 to You and Yours! 

  • S​chedule is open and available for ONLINE booking 3 Months ahead.
  • Feel free to request or prebook future appointments with me after each session to ensure your preferred day and time.
  • Most Massage appointments can also accommodate a quick light Facial Peel.  Please request ahead of your massage.
  • There are several dedicated "Facial" time slots NOT SHOWN online to provide immediate weekly openings for facial appointments.
  • Call or text me at 780-970-3475 to check availability.  These dedicated "Facial" slots are 30 minutes to allow sufficient time for Microdermabrasion or deeper multi-layer Peels.
  • If you see a 30 min slot in the schedule that seems to be at the start or end or my day, feel free to ask if it can be extended to an hour.
  • Any questions, requests or difficulties with booking, please call or text me! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

I WILL BE MOVING ON FEBRUARY 1,2020. Please see details about my new office location, and call if any questions!