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Appointment Book

Welcome to my online appointment book

Welcome to the new mobile format! If you are looking to find a sooner (cancellation) opening, check the book the day or a few days before, or message me to be on cancellation list. Schedule is OPEN 3 months ahead.  Facial Peels are now available with a new plexiglass protective screen.

Please review the New Covid Clinic Protocol page. Please bring your own fabric or disposable mask since physical distance cannot be maintained during treatment. If you forget yours, a disposable mask will be available for $2.00. A mask is required to cover your nose and mouth for the duration of your visit, treatment position changes are an option if necessary.

The Appointment Book is open 3 Months ahead. Single Arrow takes you to the next MONTH. Feel free to call or text me if you need assistance, or can't find a suitable appointment!