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BodyCraft Therapeutics

Covid-19 Health/Wellness Services Closed

Massage Therapy Clinics are closed until further notice.

Hello Everyone!

Massage Therapy & Health and Wellness Clinics are closed for the immediate future due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I will be managing my schedule as our public health advisory dictates, but at this time I am not able to process new appointment requests.

Please consider all appointments cancelled until further notice.  As soon as Alberta Health Services gives permission for Massage Therapy Clinics to re-open, I will send a notification e-mail.  At that time, if you wish to cancel anything when the online book becomes active again, you can let me know.

Your "reminder" messages will serve as your notice that the appointment was cancelled. I am leaving appointments "as is" in my online book, as your future appointments may still stand, and also to reduce the number of auto-messages you receive. Thank you for your patience with this! 

So let's stay in touch, if you feel like sending a quick text or message to say "hi" I would love to "hi" back! 

Stay safe, stay in "touch", enjoy time at home with your immediate family and I look forward to resuming my practice when safe to do so. I value you all so much!