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Treatment Modalities

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Structural Myofascial Therapy, IASTM, Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Prenatal & Relaxation Massage

Structural Myofascial Therapy is my specialty. This form of slow, deep, precise bodywork provides the greatest relief for those dealing with chronic repetitive strain conditions resulting from postural dysfunction, injury, and various postural habits we form as we go about our lives, work or sport.

I also offer Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage, Cupping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Trigger Point therapy, Joint and nerve mobilization and Relaxation Massage.  A BodyCushion Orthopedic Support System is available for comfortable Pregnancy Massage.

Please Note:  Cupping and IASTM may leave normal, transient petechiae-like marks (bruise type markings, redness) on the skin which may last a few minutes, an hour, or for several days. No additional charge for adding these modalities in your session.

CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release & Quantum Touch

A gentle, powerful therapy for the CranioSacral system to release restrictions of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord.  Headache and TMJD clients obtain immense relief.  Facilitiates homeostasis in the body and eases stress, pain and physical tension.  Emotional release may occur as physical restrictions are released, this may range from a sigh, a rise of emotion, a sudden insight into a long buried memory, laughter or a few tears. A one hour dedicated CST session is performed fully clothed.

Quantum Touch is a powerful light touch energy therapy that blends well with any modality and experiences with this healing touch will amaze you.

Visceral Manipulation

Mobilization of the internal organs of the abdomen and pelvis (viscera) to improve their function and release restrictions between organs and other tissues that occur from surgery, disease and postural dysfunction.  Treatment is blended with other modalities if required during your session. For example, mobilization of the colon/cecum (lower belly) may provide relief from joint and nerve restrictions at the hip, knee and even to the ankle! Many seemingly unrelated or distant pain issues can be linked back to a visceral restriction, especially after abdominal or pelvic surgery.

Rejuvenating Peels (Available now with a Plexiglass shield)

Ideal for generally exfoliating, refreshing your complexion, stimulating new collagen  to reduce fine lines, and control acne.  If you would like to schedule a facial service please contact me. There are "facial" appointments available that are not shown online.  My background includes training in Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Skincare since 1999, with many years experience providing these treatments in medical offices.