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Facial Peels and MicroDermabrasion

Organic French Peels - Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation!

Freshen your complexion with a light exfoliating Peel!

Rejuvenating facial peels will dramatically improve the overall skin appearance, resulting in softer, smoother and more radiant skin. With basic single layer peels, a light flaking 2 to 4 days afterwards may be experienced.  Generous application of moisturizer is recommeded during the healing process. Some people's skin is quite reactive, and some never experience any obvious peeling! The experience is unique to each individual, but this does not determine the efficacy of the peel. A gentle start is always recommended to determine your skin's reaction and your comfort level.

With additional peel layers applied 5 minutes apart the peel is greatly intensified. Significant peeling may be experienced with multilayer peels, however the final result will be exceptional. Your comfort level with chemical peels and the resulting exfoliation time will be the indicator to progress to a deeper peel treatment.

Salicylic Acid Peel - a Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel that easily dissolves oil and can penetrate deep into pores, making it ideal for general exfoliation, oily skin and obstructed pores. Twice a month is ideal for moderate to severe acne, once a month or so for mild acne or general exfoliation. NOT for those allergic to aspirin!  Cost: $50. Extra layers @ $10 per layer, max 3 layers per peel. 

TCA Peel - Tricloroacetic Acid (eg Obagi Peel without blue dye) - gives a medium to deep peel, Enhances skin tone, texture and overall complexion. Helps reduce the effects of sun damage and ageing. Refines large pores, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles, and enhances youthful skin!  Safe, effective and generally very well tolerated, Cost $50. Extra layers @ $10 per layer, max 3 layers per peel.

Jessner's Peel - a mix of Lactic, Salicylic and Resorcinol. The only alcohol based peel in the world and is perfect for cystic and resistant acne. It is a deep peel, making it effective for removing blemishes and discolourations caused by acne. Also enhances collagen production, fades fine lines and helps to reverse the signs of sun damage, making it a staple anti-ageing peel. Cost $50. No layering.  A second peel can be applied as soon as 3 to 5 days if desired.

Miracle Peel - Also known as the Power Peel and Ultimate Peel in Europe. One of the strongest peeling solutions, yet gentle enough for beginners. Best for scarring and discolouration. Treats and prevents acne and reduces signs of ageing and photodamage. Penetrates deeply without stinging or burning. Fusion of 23 botanical extracts intensively hydrates, nourishes and reverses senescence at the cellular level. $50. Extra layers @ $10 per layer, max 3 layers per peel.

Microdermabrasion - Diamond Peel - A manual exfoliation of the skin by vacuum machine with various diamond sanding tips, exfoliates the superficial dermis to enhance smooth, soft skin, preparing for enhanced absorbtion of skincare products. Stimulates superficial circulation and cellular rejuvenation with no down time and results in an immediate rosy, fresh, smooth complexion. $75.

There are several dedicated weekly slots available just for Facial appointments that are not shown online.

These are usually before or after massage hours.  Please call, text or message me to book a Facial Treatment.

If you are scheduled for a massage, a single layer peel can usually be added immediately afterwards, please ask!


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Please Note: Response to products and treatments will vary from person to person according to skin type, age and frequency of treatment.