BodyCraft Therapeutics

Covid-19 Clinic Protocol

Information for your Appointment!


Covid-19 Clinic Policy is necessary to protect both clients and practitioners in a close therapeutic environment. This directive comes from The Massage Therapist Association of Alberta in conjunction with provincial health advisory.

  • Please do not attend an appointment if you are sick with any cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if YOU or ANYONE in your household is waiting for Covid-19 Test results even if asymptomatic.
  • Please reschedule your appointment if ANYONE in your household is sick with Covid-Like Symptoms and has not had a negative COVID test result.  Symptoms may include:  Fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, runny nose, headache, pink eye, diarrhea.
  • Please complete and sign Covid-19 Screening forms (e-mailed after appointment reminder) as soon as possible or before 10:00 pm to confirm your health status and attendance. Please answer honestly and call or text me if any questions.
  • If you do arrive early, there are quiet, spacious waiting areas in the mezanine inside Baseline Business Centre. Washrooms are conveniently located nearby. Please take a seat until I call you for your appointment.
  • To reduce contact between clients Alberta Health Services advises that you do not arrive more than a few minutes (5 to 7 minutes) before your appointment
  • Between appointments I chart treatment notes, reply to messages, and SANITIZE and prepare the treatment room so that YOUR session can start on time. 
  • A clean fabric or new disposable mask is required to cover your nose and mouth while in the office and during your entire treatment. AHS suggests a fabric multilayer mask or fresh disposable all purpose mask. If you do not wish to wear your mask while "face down", the MTAA has indicated that a clean pillowcase may be used to cover the face cradle and prevent the fall of vapour droplets. Please let me know what you prefer.
  • Enjoy some relaxation after your appointment! Hydrate well.  Self care is important, more than ever during stressful times.


 Public health advisory still requires that we remain cautious, stay home if sick, wash hands often, avoid touching faces, practice physical distancing, and if distance cannot be maintained, then a mask is appropriate.