BodyCraft Therapeutics

NEW Covid-19 Clinic Protocol

Please Review Protocol and Prepare for your Appointment!

Covid-19 Clinic Policy is necessary to protect both clients and practitioners in a close therapeutic environment. This directive comes from The Massage Therapist Association of Alberta in conjunction with provincial health advisory.

  • If you are sick with any of the Covid-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone who is sick or has or may have Covid-19, please cancel and do not come to your appointment.
  • A Covid-19 SCREENING FORM and WAIVER will be e-mailed the day before your appointment. 
  • Please contact me if you have any questions about your forms or your appointment expectations.
  • Both Covid-19 Forms must be completed, signed and submitted back to the clinic the day before your appointment (approx 24 hours). This reduces office touch points and optimizes your treatment time.
  • Please do not arrive more than 8-10 minutes early. Cleaning policies must be completed before you may enter. Restrooms are outside the suite down the hallway. Washrooms are now locked, so you will need my key. Please bring your own waterbottle. If you arrive too early, it may be a few minutes before I am ready to admit you, so thanks for your patience waiting in the hallway.
  • The waiting room is closed, so please come alone unless you are the parent/guardian of a child receiving treatment.
  • Please bring your own fabric or disposable mask to wear while in the clinic and during treatment. If you do not have one, or forget your mask, a disposable mask will be available for $2.00.
  • Effective July 20, 2020 a mask is required to cover your nose and mouth for the duration of your visit, and position options (seated, side lying, face up) may be suggested to ensure your comfort.
  • At entry please apply hand sanitizer and ensure that your mask covers your mouth and nose for the duration of your visit.
  • It is recommended that conversation be kept to a minimum while wearing/working with masks and generally be related directly to the treatment.
  • Time between treatment sessions will be limited and focused on sanitizing tasks.
  • Please feel free to re-book online at your leisure, or message me to re-book if time is limited after your appointment.
  • After your massage relax with a glass of fresh water.

 Public health advisory still requires that we remain cautious, stay home if sick, wash hands often, avoid touching faces, practice physical distancing, and if distance cannot be maintained, then a mask is appropriate.